Special Interest Vehicle Scheme

(Club Registration / Historic Vehicle Registration) 

As part of this scheme, the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) require specific criteria to be met before the registration concession for Special Interest Vehicles can be applied for.  In addition to the criteria required by TMR, the Bad Little Bug-gers Club has also introduced conditions to be met before issuing compliance certificates to apply for concession.  This is to ensure owners are joining the Club with the right intent – to actively participate in a social car club for people with a common interest. 

The TMR registration form and information relating to eligibility to the Scheme can be found at:-



Club Imposed Conditions


As part of eligibility to apply for special concession, you will be required to provide evidence of current membership with a Queensland Incorporated Vehicle Club or Association. 

Before requesting the required evidence and documentation to support your application for SIV concession, Club members are expected to meet the following conditions:

  1. You must hold current membership within the Bad Little Bug-gers VW Club for at least 3 months; and
  2. Have attended at least 1 event with the club during that time;
  3. Attend at least 3 events with the club per calendar year;
  4. You are able to provide evidence of current full registration / a current certificate of road worthiness for the vehicle you wish to apply the concessional registration to; ensuring description of vehicle and vehicle engine particulars’ match;
  5. Arrange Inspection of the vehicle by the Club's Special Interest Vehicle Registration Officer after the above conditions have been met. (The vehicle inspection will take place at a location and time convenient for both the vehicle owner and the Registration Officer)

The Club Registration Officer will then issue you a certificate on Club Letterhead evidencing your membership and the vehicle inspected for you to present at Queensland Transport, with your Registration Concession Application.


Maintaining SIV Concessional Registration 


The Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) advice regarding maintaining SIV Registration is that it is the registered operator's responsibility to apply and/or remove the SIV concession. If a membership is not renewed, it is the registered operator's responsibility to ensure they obtain/retain membership with at least one club or association to remain eligible for the SIV concession. 

If intercepted on the road by Queensland Police Service (QPS) or a TMR Transport Inspector, vehicles operating outside the conditions and restrictions of the SIV, may result in the operator being issued an infringement notice or risk serious insurance implications. 

Providing the above information is not aimed at pressuring owners to remain BLBVW Club members, but to highlight the responsibility of the owner to hold current membership within a Club or Association in Queensland in order to retain the registration concession.

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