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Currently registered 1985 VW T3 Pop Top Camper ($9,500)
* Automatic with a 2.2l Subaru motor and sports exhaust, radiator & water pump
* 16” Mag Wheels and updated suspension
* Tow bar, bull bar and new brake master cylinder
* 5 Seat Belts, Rock & Roll camper seat/bed, stereo and pop top hatch
* 3 way fridge, gas stove, microwave oven Storage & gear


1978 Condor 246 Ferrari Dino Coupe Fibreglass Kit Car mounted on a Type 3 chassis. ($10,000 ONO)
* Subaru 2.2l Impreza motor
* 4 wheel disc brakes
* 10" Rims on rear and 8" rims on front
* Leather seats
* TMR Approved
* Beautiful to drive


1972 VW Beetle Convertible ($10,000 ONO)
* 1916cc Kombi engine with oversize valves, mild cam, electronic ignition, twin Dellorto carbs and extractors
* External oil filter and front mounted oil radiator
* 4-wheel disc brakes, 7" mags, new tyres, front and rear sway bars
* Upholstered in Black Velour with Blue & Black seat covers over the top and a rear tonneau cover
* Mid-Blue with Carrera bodykit

If interested.... please send an email to email/blbvw)( with your contact details so we can pass them on or leave a message on the BLBVW Facebook page


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